A BRICS film selection to bepart of the Moscow Film Festival in 2024

A BRICS film selection will be held as part of the 46th Moscow International Film Festival, the screening programme will include eight films, said the chairman of the MIFF selection committee, Ivan Kudryavtsev.
"Last year we had an interesting conversation in the film lecture about how the cinema of the countries of the rest of the world is turning into the cinema of the countries of the main world, (...) the BRICS countries are becoming more and more similar to the countries of the main world, which will make the difference globally. And that is why it is very important to look at the cinematography of the BRICS countries, to look at what they bring, what they show, what they breathe," Kudryavtsev said at the MIFF press conference.
The festival's competition programme included the films "Nonnormal" directed by Ilya Malanin (Russia), "Step to a Dream: Once and For All" by Dong Chengpeng (China), "After Leaving" by Reza Neyati (Iran), "Primitive" by Amitab Chaterjee (India), "Seconds" by Lies Kuhn (South Africa), "Desert Jockey" by Abu Bakr Shawki (Saudi Arabia, Egypt), "Rat Hole" by Mohamed El-Samman (Egypt) and "Pureza" by Renato Barbieri (Brazil).

The festival jury included director and producer Alexey Pimanov (jury chairman), the first female director and screenwriter in the UAE Nayla al Khaja, Yirgasheva Teshome (Ethiopia), Zhao Shuguang (China) and Florence Masebe (South Africa).