About us

SCOBRICSINSIGHT is a web resource and video channel that features the news, information, and analysis of the activities of the member countries of both SCO and BRICS organisations. It looks at the latest events, trade, and commerce relating to what is really going on in the interactions between the member countries.
We have daily publications from an extensive variety of international sources, including exclusive articles that don't appear in English anywhere else. These publications are essential to understanding what is really going on between the countries.
The video channel will present commentary and analysis of the recent events, with frequent notable guests who provide insight into how interactions between the members affect the geopolitical and economic situation in the world.
As the geopolitical and economic climate in the world changes and moves away from the dominance of the USA/EU/G7 grouping, the importance of the SCO and the BRICS and their role cannot be overstated.