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By Timofey Bordachev

The capital of the Russian Far East, Vladivostok, is currently hosting the annual Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) - a major public event and showcase for the country's pivot to the East.

This ambitious policy was adopted by Moscow just over a decade ago, when President Vladimir...

By Rhod Mackenzie

The EU reports a sharp fall in its dependence on Russian oil and gas, but the US share of its imports has risen sharply. How does this threaten Europe?

Eurostat reports that by the end of June 2023, dependence on oil from Russia will have fallen from 29.2 per cent to 2.3 per ce...

By Rhod Mackenzie

The Chinese state-owned company Sinopec will be holding a tender to buy large volumes of LNG on the spot market. Analysts fear that the already high prices will return to last year's levels and that previously European bound cargoes will start to flow to Asia.

Chinese companie...

By Rhod Mackenzie

In 2023, Germany will significantly increase its imports of oil products from India. German companies import large quantities of gasoil, which can be produced from Russian oil.

"German imports of petroleum products from India increased twelvefold - from 37 million euros in the...

By Rhod Mackenzie

A video conference was held the day after the G20 summit - on Monday 11 September. The venue in Moscow was the RIA Novosti International Multimedia Press Centre.

The editor-in-chief of Modern Indian Politics and Economics, Professor Ashwani Mahajan, explained India's position...

By Rhod Mackenzie

The low demand for gas in Europe is evidence of the malaise of the European economy. This malaise is particularly noticeable in Germany, whose economy is in a very difficult situation after its rejection of Russian pipeline gas supplies.
Along with record gas prices last year, t...